Homemade Lemon Bars Are YUMMY!

Last week, I begged my mom for at least three straight days to make my third favorite dessert: Lemon Bars.  They are the most delicious treats to have after dinner other than cheesecake, birthday cake and Dairy Queen Blizzards (okay, Lemon Bars are my fourth favorite dessert).

The reason that I like Lemon Bars so much is because they taste sweet with just the right amount of lemony flavor.  The crust is made of graham crackers and tastes better than most pies that I’ve had (except for the Sweet Potatoe pie we eat all up at Thanksgiving time).

I think that the best thing about Lemon Bars is that they are the kind of snack that you can eat and not worry about it being very bad for you like too much ice cream or donuts or other sweets that can give you a tummy ache or mess up your teeth.  Maybe I can remind my mom of this so she can let me have TWO lemon bars after dinner tonight! 🙂


Sports Vaeh

I like many different sports.  I really like Track & Field.  Track & Field is racing, jumping and throwing.  It is a lot of fun. 

 I also like cheerleading.  That is stunting, dancing, formations and being thrown in the air. 

Another sport I like to do is volleyball.  Volleyball involves spiking the ball over the net and setting up plays for your teammates.

I also like tennis.  In tennis you try to hit the ball in the box while not letting the other person get to it before it goes out of bounds.

One day I will master all of these sports!